42 AWG Plain Enamel Vintage Guitar Pickup Winding Wire

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We supply some of the world’s guitar pickup craftsmen with wire custom made to order. They uses a wide variety of wire gauges in their pickups, most frequently in the 41 to 44 AWG range,the most common enameled copper wire size is 42 AWG.This plain enameled copper wire with blackish-purple coating is currently the best selling wire in our shop. This wire is generally used to make vintage style guitar pickups. We provide small packages, about 1.5kg per reel .

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AWG 42 (0.063mm) guitar pickup wire
Characteristics Technical requests Test Results
Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
Bare Wire Diameter 0.063±0.002 0.063 0.063 0.063
Conductor Resistance ≤ 5.900 Ω/m 5.478 5.512 5.482
Breakdown voltage ≥ 400 V 1768 1672 1723

Guitar Pickup Wire Specialists

At present, the diameter of the single wire of the litz wire we produce is 0.03 to 1.0 mm, the number of strands is 2 to 7000, and the maximum finished outer diameter is 12 mm. The thermal rating of individual wire is 155 degrees, and 180 degrees. The type of insulation film is polyurethane, and the materials are polyester film (PET), PTFE film (F4) and polyimide film( PI).


As we all know, the parameter related to winding the enameled copper wire of the pickup is called DCR, namely: Direct Current Resistance. The type of copper wire that wraps the pickup, as well as the overall length, affects this parameter.

Generally speaking, a pickup with a higher DCR will have more output, and a higher DCR value also means more loss of high frequency and clarity. Increasing the number of turns in the coil can create a stronger electromagnetic field, which means more output power, resulting in a more prominent mid-frequency; winding the magnet with thinner copper wire reduces the high frequency.


Unique tones from unique wire


However this higher output comes not from a larger resistor, but from more turns. Essentially, the more turns a coil is wrapped around, the more voltage and stronger signal it produces, and more turns create more resistive inductance.

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We prefer to let our products and service speak more than words.

Popular insulation options
* Plain Enamel
* Poly enamel
* Heavy formvar enamel

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Our Pickup Wire started with an Italian customer several years ago, after a year of R&D, and half-year blind and device test in Italy, Canada, Australia. Since lauched into markets, Ruiyuan Pickup Wire won a good reputation and has been chosen by over 50 pickups clients from Europe, America, Asia, etc.

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We supply specialty wire to some of the world's most respected guitar pickup makers.

The insulation is basically a coating that is wrapped around the copper wire, so the wire doesn’t short itself out. Variations in insulation materials have a huge effect on a pickup’s sound.

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We mainly manufacture Plain Enamel, Formvar insulation poly insulation wire, for the simple reason that they just sound best to our ears.

The thickness of the wire is usually measured in AWG, which stands for American Wire Gauge. In guitar pickups, 42 AWG is the one that’s most commonly used. But wire-types measuring from 41 to 44 AWG are all being used in the construction of guitar pickups.


 • Customized colors: only 20kg you can choose your exclusive color    
 • Fast delivery: a variety of wires are always available in stock; delivery within 7 days after your item is shipped.      
 • Economic express costs: We are VIP customer of Fedex, safe and fast.

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