High Voltage 0.1mm*127 PI Insulation Taped Litz Wire

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Taped litz wire 0.1mm*127 : This type of tape litz wire uses an enameled round copper wire with a single wire of 0.1mm (38awg), the temperature resistance rating is 180 degrees. The number of strands of this taped litz wire is 127, and it is wrapped with a golden PI film, which has good pressure resistance and high performance, and it also provides good electrical isolation.

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The taped litz wire refers to the reinforced insulating stranded wire that is wrapped with one or more insulating films outside the ordinary stranded wire according to a certain overlap rate. It has the advantages of good voltage resistance and high mechanical strength. The operating voltage of the litz wire is up to 10000V The working frequency can reach 500kHz, which can be widely used in various high-frequency and high-voltage electric energy conversion equipment.


Test report for taped litz wire
Spec: 0.1mm*127 insulation material: PI thermal rating: 180 class
Item Single wire diameter(mm) Conductor diameter(mm) O.D.(mm) Resistance(Ω/m) Dielectric strength(v) Pitch(mm) No.of strand Overlap%
Tech reuquirement 0.107-0.125 0.10±0.003 ≤2.02 ≤0.01874 ≥6000 27±3 127 ≥50
1 0.110-0.114 0.098-0.10 1.42-1.52 0.01694 12000 27 127 52


At present, the diameter of the single wire of the litz wire we produce is 0.03 to 1.0 mm, the number of strands is 2 to 7000, and the maximum finished outer diameter is 12 mm. The thermal rating of individual wire is 155 degrees, and 180 degrees. The type of insulation film is polyurethane, and the materials are polyester film (PET), PTFE film (F4) and polyimide film( PI).

insulating film

The thermal rating of PET reaches 155 degrees, the thermal rating of PI film is up to 180 degrees, and the colors are divided into natural color and gold color. The overlap ratio of the taped lit wire can reach up to 75%, and the breakdown voltage is above 7000V.


5G base station power supply


EV Charging Stations


Industrial Motor


Maglev Trains


Medical Electronics


Wind Turbines



ISO 9001

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